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Ever wondered why there isn’t more stuff written about class on the feminist internet?


Consider this: 44% of working class adults in the UK do not have internet access at home.

When you’re using the internet to learn about the world and about social justice movements, ask yourself: whose voices are missing and why?

Asking yourself which voices you’re not hearing is always a good idea









14 incredible facts about Michelle Obama on her 50th birthday

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Here’s what I’d like to see.

Showrunners, script writers, actors (including voice actors and stunt doubles) and their agents acting according to this simple rule.

The fans of this show are crucial to its success. I will not participate in their humiliation. I will not participate in mocking fan…

(this thing won’t let me reblog as text so click the link for the whole rant. It’s worth it.)

May I say PREACH!! to that.

I would really, really like to see that happen and while we’re at it, I wish the people involved in shows/movies/books, etc, that are strong in fandom and rich in fan fiction and fan art actually have a proper look and inform themselves about what it is we’re doing here.

Not just a quick read of the tags for laughs, not just a brief sample of the whackiest stuff completely out of context, not just quick snaps of cosplaying without actually giving a second of thought to who the people who are doing this really are. 

They might feel not only less uncomfortable, but perhaps humbled and proud at the some time of the kind of ART (in any format) their work is inspiring.

Meanwhile, I’ll send my personal kudos to Mr. Steven Moffat, from who I’ve never got anything but respect. YES, even for the smut.


Fandom makes it possible for all of them to make a living, whist we write stories, do cosplays and make fanart out of love and (for the most part) for free. A little respect is not so much to ask in return.   

#i like this rant #i cringe every time i watch graham norton #he is notorious for bringing out the fan art (darthrosenberger)

Why thank you for mentioning you like it!

I don’t mind bringing out the fan art per se. Teen Wolf’s after show, Wolf Watch, has an “Alpha of the Week” where they showcase a creator of fan art. That is how it should be done, if you ask me. Interview a creator, show some work, allow her (or him) to ask a few questions in return. 

That makes the contrast all the more jarring, and that’s why I suggest that creators decline to work with interviewers that don’t treat fans respectfully. 

This reluctance to talk about men’s violence is widespread and seems to amount almost to a taboo. The news media report that “a woman was raped,” but never say “a man raped a woman.” Analyses of school violence talk about “kids killing kids,” ignoring the fact that it is almost exclusively boys committing the violence. Terms like “domestic violence” mask the fact that most of this violence is committed by men.

Feminists and feminist organizations also fall into this pattern by using the term “violence against women.” This wording puts the focus on women as victims and hides who is perpetrating the violence. If we can’t even say who is doing most of the violence in the world, how can we hope to stop it?

Jennie Ruby, Male Pattern Violence [X] (via witchbornwitch)

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